Q.  What do you mean 'Come Out of Babylon'?

A. Revelation 18:4

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people,
that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
We are all living in a Babylonian type system and it is collapsing.  People are not prepared.  We need refuge.  It's an urgent call!  
def:  babel
a : a confusion of sounds or voices
b : a scene of noise or confusion

Q.  How much does it cost to join?

A.  You join and register for free but you need to be prepared to send $25 to your sponsor within 72 hours of registering or your registration expires and then only $5 a month for access to the Resource Center which is where all the action is.

Q.  Why should I join?

A.  Maybe you shouldn't.  We have certain requirements and we only invite like minded people who share our faith, values and commitment.  The Lord is separating the sheep from the goats right now and we follow suit.  You need to have a conversation with your sponsor.  If you don't have a sponsor submit a guest ticket and we'll provide one for you to connect with.


Q.  Isn’t this donation system a pyramid scheme?

A.  Do you mean a ‘pyramid’ like General Motors with one CEO at the top and tens of thousands of factory workers on the bottom?  Or maybe you're referring to a pyramid scheme like your state government with one Governor at the top, a few key aides under him, and loads of bureaucratic minions under them? (lightbulb goes on here)

The answer is ‘No’.  This program uses the power of ‘leverage’ through networking and word of mouth advertising just like tens of thousands of successful businesses worldwide.  You make one referral and you’ve recovered your initial and only $25 out-of-pocket.  That’s not a pyramid scheme.   For more details on this in a more complete treatment on this topic, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Q. Is this an MLM? 

A. No.  When a donation is made the recipient keeps 100% of the donation.  It is not split or shared on multiple levels.  There are no percentages or commissions.  There is no company or middleman taking a share.  One donation helps one person in the community.  Straightforward.


Q.How do I accept donations?

A.  Any way you like.  Just enter the correct and complete information that a sender would need to get a payment to you.  It could be your PayPal account, ACH direct to your bank account, Western Union, BitCoin to your wallet, other cryptos, gold or silver could be sent via Karatbars or otherwise, debit or credit card if you have the Cash.app or your own merchant processor platform, cash if you are local, etc.  It’s best to offer several options to increase the chances that one is convenient for the sender to act quickly.



Q.  What happens when I send a donation upline and it doesn’t get approved timely?

A.  Members must be diligent and approve the payments (which means to confirm receipt and click ‘Accepted’) within 72 hours.  Repeated delays and lack of diligence on this important issue causes significant heartburn for everyone so please be diligent. We all need to be responsible to keep things moving.


Q.  Can I register a Free Account without making the contribution?

A.  Yes, but if you don’t make the $25 contribution to your sponsor in 72 hours, your position will be automatically eliminated.  This prevents the system from being clogged up with people who aren’t doing anything.


Q.  How long does it take to get my funds that are sent to me?

A.  This is a peer to peer program.  Funds are sent directly to you via the coordinates that you publish.  There is no middleman, no commission paid by a third party, no payment schedule.  When funds are sent to you by another member, they are 100% yours as soon as they are received by you.


Q.  Who benefits from this program?

A.  Everyone involved.  The participating members who receive the contributions benefit directly PLUS World Mission Church benefits as being the originator of the system.  This is a far better system than ‘tithing’ or asking for donations.  This is a ‘win-win’ situation for all involved.  Everyone comes out a winner provided they work the program as it is designed.


Q.  Is this a ‘multi-level’ commission structure?

A.  Simply ‘No’.  You send and receive only 1 contribution at a time.  The recipient keeps 100% of each contribution and it’s not shared in any way i.e. ‘multi-level’.  There are no ‘commissions’ paid at any time.


Q.  What’s the risk?

A.  If you join and send $25 to your sponsor, you’ve helped someone.  If you do nothing after that, you’ve donated $25 to help someone and that can only be a positive.  That's your risk.  Make 1 referral and you get that back and you have no risk after that, only gain from the member benefits.


Q.  Why is this not an ‘illegal Pyramid Scheme’?

Let’s break it down using definitions and explanations from Wikipedia.  Quotes from Wikipedia are in red.

“In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit. The directors of the organization (those at the top of the pyramid) also receive a share of these payments”

Our members do not get a ‘share’ of payments.  They receive 100% and keep it all.  In CSN there are no directors or management company to also participate in a ‘share’ of the payments.

“People in the upper layers of the pyramid typically profit, while those in the lower layers typically lose money. Since most of the members in the scheme are at the bottom, most participants will not make any money. In particular, when the scheme collapses, most members will be in the bottom layers and thus will not have any opportunity to profit from the scheme; still, they will have already paid to join. Therefore, a pyramid scheme is characterized by a few people (including the creators of the scheme) making large amounts of money, while subsequent members lose money. For this reason, they are considered scams”

In CSN, members recover their one-time donation with only 1 single referral.  Where’s the scam?  To ‘make money’ they make only 2 direct referrals and they’ve not only recovered their initial donation but they’ve doubled it with referral #2.  Show us any so-called legitimate program which allows you to double your money with only 2 referrals.  You can’t do it.  That doesn’t happen in a ‘Pyramid Scheme’.  There is no requirement in CSN to recruit gazillions of people to recover the whopping ‘investment’ of $25 or even to make money beyond that.  The absolute worst-case scenario is this:  You make a lowly $25 donation to help someone in the community and nothing happens for you after that.  Congratulations for helping someone out!  Being a good Samaritan has rewards that go beyond money!   Please, where is the crisis in this scenario?

The jist of the conversation on Pyramid schemes is that exponential growth is simply unsustainable due to the finite number of people on the planet.   That is mathematically accurate and indisputable.  So let’s go with that argument.  3 Billion people on the planet, OK?  When the last person alive joined up for $25, there would be nobody else to refer.  That person and millions more on their same level would be out $25.  See the comment above.  But more than that, CSN is only Step #1 in the STRATEGY 2020 and those millions of people who are ‘out’ $25 would have paid for an education on how to make money grow in ways that simply aren’t taught anywhere else. They’d be invited to other opportunities to build a business beyond CSN.  They’d have access to training and guidance to build their own investment portfolios and business enterprises for what huge investment?   $25.

And beyond that, how many hundreds of millions along the way will have been financially saved by CSN in the meantime?

There is simply no sound argument that holds water for those trying to negate or diminish the value of CSN as a part of the overall  STRATEGY 2020.

And speaking of being ‘sustainable’:

– ask your pastor how sustainable the tithing concept is for his church.  Is it growing?  Is it fulfilling his mission dreams?

– ask your Youth Group how sustainable it is selling cookies, light bulbs or candy bars?

– ask your favorite YouTuber how sustainable it is ‘begging for donations’?

– ask your brother or sister who has a family how sustainable it is for him to continue doing what he is doing?  And what’s the plan when the economy or riots destroy his employment?

We hope this puts things into perspective for you.

Many Blessings.


"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."